Science exists for humanity. However, Science can simultaneously exist against humanity. It is prudent to consider the fact that Science does not, inherently, exist for humanity, and that it is cardinal for humanity to decide if it will exist for us, or against us. I will expound on the core issue which is the relationship […]

So we come to the astonishing and unnerving conclusion that even community service proves to be a double-edged sword. After all, how can we expect to really do “good” to society, in a world where a tree’s death gives a mushroom life; where one man’s junk gives another man bread?

Amy Cheong, an assistant director who oversaw the service department at NTUC, has been relieved of her position. It was just hours after she had made some insensitive remarks deemed ‘racist’ by a flurry of online comments. I think that there are two points of contention here: firstly, the fact that Amy Cheong’s actions may reflect a […]

Chilled conservatories in Gardens by the Bay

Last month, I paid a visit to the newest attraction in Singapore – Gardens by the Bay. Situated along the frontiers of the bustling central business district, Gardens by the Bay places two grand climate ‘conversatories’ amidst the urban heat island. The Sun was scorching hot. The cloudless sky and the concrete-laden ground didn’t help at all. […]

As any one who has emerged from the Singaporean education system would have been told, competition may be hard for the individual, but it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest and the greater good of the community. With foreigners moving onto Singapore’s shores to stimulate competition in local institutions, Singaporeans seem to […]

Recently, my Geography class discussed the topic of development. Undoubtedly, development (or for some nations, the lack of it) will be a hotly talked about issue on many levels of society. My Geography teacher thus posed this question to the class, “Are transnational corporations in developing countries ‘takers’ more than ‘givers’”? I am writing this […]

Recently, I read an interesting article on the Economist: Google’s Involvement in Africa. Google in Africa truly introduces a multitude of services that have never been seen before. Gmail and Google Search, for example, have provided Africa with a burgeoning connectivity that will be a factor of efficiency and productivity. From the perspective of the […]