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Of Science and Humanity

Science exists for humanity. However, Science can simultaneously exist against humanity. It is prudent to consider the fact that Science does not, inherently, exist for humanity, and that it is cardinal for humanity to decide if it will exist for us, or against us. I will expound on the core issue which is the relationship […]

Digitalization is well under way

The Ostensible Blessings of Digitalization

After reading “The Post-Cash Economy” by The New York Times, I beg to differ with the assertion that the economy is becoming “cashless” – much less with the fact that it is a good thing for us, the consumers. I postulate that a “post-cash economy” is not only undesirable for the common good, but cannot […]

What if WikiLeaks had Embraced the Values of Terrorism?

In a city-state where 4.8 out of 5.2 million inhabitants are connected to a broadband service, the Internet is a major part of the soul of the nation. Today, the majority of the population is not only citizens of Singapore but also citizens of Facebook. Take a ride down the subway and see it with […]