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Is the Nobel Prize still prestigious?

On 8 Oct this year, Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. He shares the award with other legendary characters like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa. I was puzzled by a very fundamental question when I heard of this news. Along with many others (I believe), I went online in […]

Should Singapore allow dual citizenships?

Dual citizenship is a status in which a person is concurrently, and legally regarded as citizens of two legitimate countries at once. Following globalization, many countries are finding dual citizenship desirable, since it increases opportunities for their citizens to compete globally. Examples are Switzerland and more recently, Australia.  Dual citizenship could be a very sensitive issue in Singapore […]

Hello, Wordpress.

For a past few hours, I’ve been facing this Dilemma: WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr? I’m not completely new to blogging, though. I’ve done Photoblogs, which are blogs which have nothing but photos on them. Yes, that means I like Photography! (: I’ve posted one photo every day for my photoblog since it opened last June […]